Scrag “Thrash” Mord acquired his nickname through farming techniques and later it rang true during skirmishes with beasts that assaulted his home. During his earlier days, when House Kendrick was prosperous, Scrag was the village smith who created simple agricultural tools.

When the kingdom was besieged by all sides, the king withdrew protection for Scrag’s town. Small raider bands were soon seen pillaging parts of the town before the pitchforks and torches mobbed together. Later on when the beasts became more hostile Scrag began making weapons for the townsfolk.

Destitute peasants and hungry,unpaid soldiers gathered near the smithy as the farmlands were still intact. Immigrants and outcasts alike also joined the meager band of survivors. This was due to the high tax in other towns closer to the castles and forts of the king as protection was a tremendous cost of the war. The people did not like the tax that the king had set on their towns, so during a country wide revolt most towns created their own tribe.

The people elected Scrag as chief and broke their bond to the monarchy. The king sent a messenger saying that they would be branded as deserters of the crown and traitors of the monarchy. A piece of paper however did not cause enough fear as the tribal council assured the tribe that the kingdom was in ruin and the tribe was on its own. The soldiers in the tribe also renounced the king as the tribe was their source of food in addition to a few marriages and new family ties. The king sent a small brigade to quell the uprising. The tribe had become strong and numerous by this time and through a high cost of bloodshed, the tribe had won its freedom, for now.

Years pass as the kingdom’s strength wanes to rumor and is isolated to Alaron Isle. Scattered tribes across Sarifal Isle are all that is left of the once grand kingdom as the wars took too great a toll. Scrag’s tribe has survived on its own becoming a beacon to wandering adventurers tired of oppression and running from greater peril.

Scrag’s Character Sheet

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