House Kendrick was once powerful. Constant battles with mercenaries, giants and beasts have weighed a heavy toll on it’s ability to control the isles. The kingdom has been reduced to tribal communities springing up since it can no longer sustain a large feudal monarchy. The royalty has been in turmoil and its citizens revolt further damaging the chances to maintain a civilization.

The remnants of House Kendrick that are still loyal have been rallied on Alaron Isle. Their army is cut off from underwater passages and their harbors have been badly damaged. The few farming cities left that still cling to the old government are based around the sparse forts and strongholds that have withstood the siege.

The settlements on other isles that were once a grand vassalage empire have since revolted against their crushed monarchy. The civilization over time has broken down to tribal states. Each tribe attempts alliances and helping the other tribes as they make meager efforts to unite the free peoples of the Sarifal Isle.

In one such tribe has arisen Chief Scrag. He earned the love of many through protection and sheltering of the poor when the king’s forces were too dispersed during wartime. It is here that our adventuring party awaits a tribal council decision to aid another settlement to the north.

Night Wolf: The Hidden Rose

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